Statement Winter Coats For 2010

Whilst there has been a lot of talk about neutral colours this winter especially when it comes to coats, with navy and camel being by far the most popular, some people like to be a little bit different and stand out from the crowd. Neutral coats certainly have a lot of benefits in terms of being versatile and long lasting but a statement coat is just so much more exciting.


A statement coat works for people who like to catch peoples attention and be instantly recognisable when they are out and about. They are not for shrinking violets or people who prefer to sink into the shadows unnoticed. You can make your statement anyway you wish. Using colour, pattern, shape, texture or embellishment but you should ensure that your statement coat will either completely cover your clothes or go with the clothes that you are likely to wear it with. Wearing a bright red coat is great but if all your clothes are also red it may look a little too much. You should also consider your outdoor footwear and how it will work with your statement coat. A good neutral pair of shoes or boots will usually go with most coats. A statement pair of shoes or a statement hand bag will probably compete with your coat and look too much.



You can find some great statement coats which follow some of the seasons key trends or you can choose something completely different which will really set you apart from the crowd.


Floral patterns don’t just have to be limited to dresses and blouses, this rose print teal coat with long sleeves And buttons is the perfect way to work florals as outer wear. This coat is great for wearing to work with grey, brown and black trousers and can be brightened up with a bright pink scarf.

Statement coats are not just for smart outfits. You can also wear a casual coat that makes a statement and bright red is the perfect way to do this. This fur hood long draw string coat looks great with jeans or casual trousers and a pair of flat boots. It is really warm and also incredibly practical.

This long sleeved fully lined grey funnel neck coat is a simple style but has a really bold pattern that it is impossible to ignore. The neutral colours fit in well with the on trend colours of the season but this coat is by no means minimalist.

This coat definitely makes a statement as it is so luxurious. It is long and black but is finished with a magenta and green chalk effect design. It is fully lined and has magenta buttons making it perfect for adding a little luxury to your every day life. It would look great worn with a dress or skirt, thick tights and knee high black boots.

Which ever statement coat you decide to get, you should look for one that compliments the clothes and shoes that you already have and adds a bit of interest to your outdoor outfits.


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